Monday, August 31, 2009

Nur noch eine Woche!

Well, hello again! And if you can't translate the title, it says that I have only one more week until my adventure commences!!! I'm kinda nervous about the brand new situation and environment I'm being placed into, but I know once everything starts rolling, I'll be very excited! I think I have everything that I need to pack in my suitcase and carry-on, I just have to pack it! And I only get 44lbs in my suitcase and 22 lbs in my carry-on...not much for a year abroad, but I'm going to have to make it work. I just had a fun weekend in the Poconos and did a bunch of hiking. Hopefully I can do a lot of that in Germany, but I'm sure I'll do a lot of biking in Germany, since my host family just got me a bike. :-) They seem so incredibly excited, and they are making me more and more excited about Germany! Although, I'm still trying to come to reality that I'm going to have to wear a speedo. (I haven't worn one in like 9 years). But that's so menial, that I won't really be able to focus on it once I get to Germany, and they aren't too hard to pack. But I have lots to do this week. Pack. Finalize host family gifts. Say "Auf Wiedersehen" to many people. Start to think auf Deutsch. I know this is going to be very exciting, and this waiting period will continue to fly by. I'm sure the next time I write on this, I'll either be in Washington, D.C. or Deutschland. Bis dann.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Well another week has quickly gone by. My countdown to Washington, D.C. is 18 days! I can't believe that everything is starting to happen (and end) so quickly. I'm in the home-stretch, with only 4 more days of work. Packing and host family gifts have been my biggest priorities thus far for Germany. I just found out that I'll have to wear a speedo for practice, so that'll be a change from the jammers I'm used to wearing. I started to pack today, and fortunately I'm not overpacking. I still need to buy a suitcase, but I'll judge the size suitcase I need based on what I'm bringing. Still pondering some host family gifts and such, but I'm starting to get the pictures for my host family picture book together. I'm comfortable I won't procrastinate too badly, but I'm sure my nerves are going to worsen with each day I get closer to leaving my comfort zone. Starting to say good-bye to friends as they head off to college and family members, all who I won't see for a while, is helping the reality of everything start to sink in. Tomorrow is the CBYX NJ BBQ, so I'm excited to meet up with my fellow Jersey students going to Germany next year!! And I'm sure then I'll get more excited about everything coming up in the next few weeks! A lot is going to happen, so I'm going to try and prepare, yet also enjoy, this roller coaster ride I've introduced into my life. Bis bald!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Time's Flying By

Well, I have 25 days left until I leave for Germany. I was awarded the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship by AFS on March 6, 2009, and it has been a long time waiting. It seems like it's taking forever for me to get to Germany, but it also feels like it's moving really fast. A few months later, on June 8th, I found out my host family. They are all swimmers, just like me, and I think we are an incredible match! I have a host father, Michael, a host mother, Sandra, a host sister, Sina, and a host brother Leon. But I can't forget my host family's dog, Beppo. (FYI: Beppo is a nickname for Joseph).
However, I've in communication with them for the last 2 or so months, in german. And I continue to get more and more excited for my experience! (Oder soll ich sagen,,Mein deutscher Abenteuer!''). I'm excited for all that's ahead in my life, and I'm proud to have all the support of my friends and family back in the States. I hope I can remember English, so that I can wrote more in this when I fly over to Deutschland. All for now. Bis bald!