Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Few Final Fjords

Solvorn, Norway

Ferry to Bergen
Sognefjord, Norway

Ferry to Bergen
Sognefjord, Norway

Norway has rainbows! (taken as we traveled along Norway's west coast)
Bergen, Norway

I woke up unsure if I wanted to visit the Stave Church in Urnes or hike around Sogndal. As I was reminded that many things are out of my control, the plan worked out in a different way. I dropped my things off at the bus station and then caught a bus (technically a van) to Solvorn, where I would catch the ferry to Urnes. The timing did not work out for my original plan, so the weather suggested Solvorn was worth a walk around - I got to see an old town and do a bit of hiking! The silence and lack of everything but nature and water made the afternoon a restful one, and the town was charming. Honestly, I don't think the day could have been better spent.
The bus/van ride itself was very scenic too. I had some downtime in Sogndal before catching the express ferry to Bergen, my final city in Norway. It was more than five hours of sailing through the fjords (with sunshine, pelting rainfall, and a full rainbow), which of course were breathtaking and magical. I must say this Norway in a Nutshell package made it possible for this solo traveler to get around Norway and still have money left for food. It's going to be hard for any other place to compare to these views for the next while.

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