Thursday, August 3, 2017

Bergen: Rainy and Colorful

Brygge (last night's sunset)
Bergen, Norway

Walking through the original streets of Bergen
Bergen, Norway

Bergen central residential area 
Bergen, Norway

View from Mount Fløyen
Bergen, Norway 

Today was my last full day on the European continent for this trip. I spent it in Bergen, Norway's second largest city and rainiest city. I'm not sure if I've emphasized how hilly Norway is. I think no matter where I go, I have to travel uphill both ways. Now I digress...
Bergen was at first sunny but then mostly overcast and rainy. Fortunately, I had enough time to see the highlights in dry conditions. The colorful buildings of the city center (around Brygge and the harbor) along with the way the homes seem piled on top of each other as you peer up the seven mountains that surround the city were whimsical and like a walk through an old fishing village (minus the smell of fish). My walking tour took us all around (we even sampled whale). The tour had to be one of the best I've been on this summer! My personal search for street art amplified my wanderings, and nearly every street was well-manicured and simply charming. My day concluded on Mount Fløyen for the panoramic views. In Bergen, there is virtually always something neat around the corner here; the trick is to enjoy every turn like a pleasant surprise. Thank you, Norway, for so many pleasant surprises this week.

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