Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fjords, fjords, fjords!

Bus driving through the UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord
Somewhere between Stryn and Geiranger, Norway

Electric car rental
Geiranger, Norway

Panorama from Eagle's Nest
Geiranger, Norway 

Views while driving back to town
Geiranger, Norway 

Two things that Norway has a lot of: money and fjords. After today, I'd say that both improve one's quality of life. From Sogndal to Geiranger, I took a UNESCO Fjord bus tour for four hours each way driving through the windy roads through valleys, mountains, and sophisticated tunnels. From rainy to cloudy to sunny, the sights were endless and magnificent. I couldn't pick where to turn (and admire/photograph) next. In Geiranger, I had three hours before the bus would drive the same route back. After losing the last spot to someone else on a fjord boat tour, I decided to treat myself to some fun. I rented an electric car and drove up 11 hairpin turns in regular traffic to reach the Eagle's Nest view point. The ride was as fun as the view was spectacular. Better than any boat tour, I'd say. The ride back was just as lovely but with more sunshine. Although we took the same route, everything looked new and excited from a different perspective. For a strictly sightseeing day, hot darn was it awesome!

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