Friday, August 11, 2017

Iceland Forever

Glanni Falls
Bifröst, Iceland

Grábok Volcano
Bifröst, Iceland 

Deildartunguhver: Europe's largest geothermal hot spring 
Deildartunguhver, Iceland 

Hraunfossar Falls
Highway 50, Iceland

View from Fossatún Hotel
Fossatún, Iceland

Last sunset in Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland

It's hard to put in words how great this day was, or more so, how unforgettable this this trip has been. Today was my last full day in Iceland. My Mom and I road-tripped from Borgarnes to Bifröst then to Reykholt and lastly back to Reykjavik. Sounds straightforward? Like every other day, Iceland provided us with marvelous sights and interesting weather. Some of the stops in between climbing and walking around a volcano, visiting Europe's largest geothermal hot spring, admiring some astonishing waterfalls (there is a plethora of those here), and soaking up the landscapes during every moment of this picturesque drive. The sky felt infinite as the horizon overpowers that massive mountains in the distance and dances with the wind. Iceland is a very special place, and I count myself as very lucky to visit here with "good" weather and to have my Mom as a stupendous travel partner. (You rock, Mom!) We enjoyed our favorite Icelandic dish (mashed potatoes and fish with melted cheese on top) in Reykjavik for our last night here. It has been a glorious stay, and Iceland has been a trip unlike any other. 

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